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STL is my link to the outside world. It is my avenue for thoughts, opinions and suggestions about my passion, cycling!

Save The Legs is a term that refers to the common belief in professional cycling that any and all energy exerted from your legs has to be directed onto the pedals of a bicycle. Therefore, professional cyclists sit when they can stand, drive when they can walk and sleep when they can be awake.

Please note, this is not a professional cycling news site. Please use the STL links I've provided for those and other websites.

All comments are welcome, just be courteous.

Welcome to my blog!

About Me

I love cycling. But I am not exactly the best representative of one. I don't ride. That is, I don't even ride a road bike. Occasionally I may go out for a quick spin on my mountain bike (upgraded to city tires) but that's it. However, growing up in South Florida, I did ride. I started cycling when I was barely in middle school. I can remember riding at least 4 times a week along A1A, the beach front road that runs up and down Florida's coast, doing at least 10 miles on weekdays and 20 or 30 miles on weekends. Not long rides, you say. But, bare in mind, I was narrowly a teenager. While most kids were worried about what car they were going to drive when they turned 16, I was more concerned about my 2 wheel companion. I had a Bridgestone Radac, a radical new aluminum frame with Shimano Ultegra (Biopace, no less) components and LeMond drop-in handlebars (remember those?). I thought I was the bomb. Nevermind that I had barely reached puberty or was often mistaken for a female in my tight cycling outfit though.

But then college came and I lost touch with the sport. Philadelphia is a tough place to be for cycling. Sure, I rode every now and then but nothing like back in Florida.

Fast forward the clock to today. I live in New York City Northern Virginia suburbs of Washington, DC with my beautiful wife, 2 lovely daughters and our cat, Oreo and am an architect. But I am hooked on professional cycling. Even through the tough times that have happened recently, I have stuck through and believe this is one of the most beautiful sports in the world. In this blog, I will keep you up to date with the latest news, opinions and random thoughts about the sport.

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