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by Jack  

This past week, we learned that ASO bought into a significant stake of Unipublic (49% to be exact), the organization that controls the Vuelta. This continues the negative trend in pro cycling as we see ASO becoming a monopoly in the sport. With ASO… more »

Petacchi Out!!!

by Jack  

Italian Alessandro Petacchi (Team Milram) was fired yesterday by his team after the Court of Arbitration for Sport ruled against him when he tested positive during last year's Giro for high levels of salbutamol, an asthma medication. Although the court… more »

Let Levi Ride!

by Jack  

I received this email today from LetLeviRide.com. It reminded me that I had signed a petition to show my support towards letting Levi ride in this year's Tour de France. While it hasn't worked just yet, Astana's inclusion in this year's Giro is a good… more »