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New Poll Added!

by Jack  

There's a new poll on my sidebar so please take a moment to submit your answer. I know it's a tough question for most fans. Very few will be able to argue their abilities on the bike but both have demons in their closets that will cause people to cringe… more »

Stage 16: Plan de Corones Video

by Jack  

Here's a video of the epic time trial stage. I believe this is in German. Enjoy! Giro d`Italia 2008 - 16.Etappe Plan de Corones more »

My First Post

by Jack  

Hold your horses! My first post is coming soon! It's taking me a while to figure this b2evo out but I think I have it stable enough to start posting. But don't hold me to it as the site could go down at any moment I decide to "play" with it. Some of… more »