New Poll - Update

by Jack  

First, let me just say thanks to all who have voted in the poll on the right so far. As I stated in my post here, the Tour de France is the next big race and what better time to gauge how people feel about the 3 American Tour winners than now?

So far, we see the first American winner, Greg LeMond, leading over the last American winner, Floyd Landis. This leaves our all too famous cancer survivor and seven time winner, Lance Armstrong, bringing up the rear. I’m I surprised? Yes and No. Yes that Greg is number 1, no that Lance is last. It’s nice to see Floyd still getting props as we wait for the CAS verdict due any day now. We’re waiting with bated breath.

This poll will be up to just before the Tour so if you haven’t voted, please do. And for those that have, thanks again for participating! Oh, and please don’t try to vote more than once. The program is smarter than that, I think.&#59;)

So can Greg’s success as the cyclist you like better continue? Stay tuned…

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