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Pro Tour to Continue?

by Jack  

The last week or two have been extremely important for cycling. For one, the Olympics presented us with some epic races for both the men and the women. We are all excited to have Levi Leipheimer has a bronze medalist and Kristen Armstrong as Olympic… more »

Pro Tour Expands to...Russia?

by Jack  

The UCI is expanding the Pro Tour to Russia in 2009 by including a tour of the Sochi region. (This happens to be the site of the 2014 winter Olympic games.) What the heck is the UCI thinking? I'm usually a pretty big supporter of the UCI (as evidenced… more »

Added: STL Links

by Jack  

Your guide to the world of cycling on the internet, STL Links, has just been added to the website. You can go here to find your favorite team, race or pro cyclist. You can also find the most comprehensive list of cycling news sites on the web. STL will… more »